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This listing is exclusively for Sponsored Artists only. Please do NOT place an order unless you are a Proper sponsored artist: your order will be cancelled and refunded to you (minus any card processing fees).


The Sponsored Artist Package includes:


20x Aftercare Kits (1x ointment and 1x foam soap per kit)


The packge also contains the following items free of charge: 


  • 20x Artist Glides (or 20 oz total)
  • 20x Artist Foam Soap (or 40 oz total)
  • 1x Pro-Team Artist Banner 
  • Entry to 2024 Tattoo Magazine

Sponsored Artist Package

SKU: 58765347
$864.80 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
  • Your first sponsored artist package will be dispatched within 30 calendar days. We will dispatch your package within 48 hours of receiving your convention banner in the mail from the printing company. 

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