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This all inclusive aftercare kit from Proper includes all the necessary elements to ensure the proper care of your new tattoo, promoting fast healing and preserving vibrant colors (removing the need for any expensive touch ups). Also, the savings are unparalleled when purchasing the aftercare kit rather than individual items. 


All Proper products are Made in the USA and Petroleum-free.



Proper Antimicrobial Soap:
Get antimicrobial and antibacterial protection in a gentle formula.


Proper Tattoo Balm:
Provides a protective barrier that ensures the fastest healing time possible. 

Case (25x) of Tattoo Aftercare Kits

SKU: 34634634
$625.00 Regular Price
$478.00Sale Price
  • Acquire all the essentials to facilitate your tattoo's healing process and maintain its original splendor, just like the day you received it.

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