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Proper Convention

Convention Schedule

Proper, with its team of sponsored artists and studios, attends tattoo conventions in the USA, UK and Europe. Our goal is to provide as much exposure as possible to our pro-team of talented artists and studios.


Tattoo collector? If you would like to book your next tattoo at a tattoo convention, please contact us to book with one of our artists. 


In 2023, we attended the following tattoo conventions: 

- Villain Arts Philadelphia 

- Villain Arts Raleigh North Carolina

- New York Empire State Tattoo Convention

- Villain Arts Cincinatti Ohio 

We are currently planning for the following conventions in 2024:

- Villain Arts Philadelphia

- Villain Arts Chicago

- New York Empire State Tattoo Convention

- Golden State Tattoo Convention 

If you are a sponsored artist or studio, and you would like to attend a tattoo convention that is not mentioned above, please reach out to us to discuss. 

Thanks for your enquiry - one of the team will reach out to you soon! 

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