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Proper at BHS

About Proper

Proper is dedicated to supplying tattoo studios, artists and collectors across the world with the finest tattoo aftercare products. Our reputation is rooted in our unwavering commitment to enhancing the healing process of tattoos for collectors. By actively engaging with and understanding tattoo artists, we have developed leading formulas to improve the healing process. Every step of progress has been driven by the feedback we receive from our tattoo artists and collectors. 

Collaboration with tattoo artists and studios is how we ensure consistent feedback and the very best tattoo aftercare products. We closely collaborate with tattoo professionals to produce products that address the gaps within the ever-expanding tattoo industry. We are here to provide ongoing support to studios, artists and collectors, guiding you through every aspect of tattoo aftercare and maintenance. 

Our Mission

Being at the forefront of innovation, our dedication rests in delivering the very best tattoo aftercare products, coupled with exceptional customer service and global fast shipping, all tailored to the needs of tattoo professionals and collectors across the world. 

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Our Values

With extensive expertise in manufacturing the best tattoo aftercare products, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality formulas and products to the tattoo industry and community.


With expertise in crafting and sourcing tattoo equipment and supplies, we are unwaveringly dedicated to delivering the utmost quality in both budget-friendly tools and advanced, cutting-edge technologies.


We are fully committed to the tattoo industry; artists and collectors are at the forefront of everything we do. We help artists and shops across the world in different ways. 

All For Artists

Our commitment extends to the tattoo industry, the artists, their artistic skills, cultural heritage, and historical roots. We function as a unified family and a valuable community asset.

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